Litecoin On Bearish Momentum: 5.79% Down In The Last 6 Hours

Litecoin is currently on bearish momentum. At 05:04 EST on Monday, 15 March, Litecoin is at $207.97 and down by 5.79% in the last 6 hours.

Litecoin Range

Over the last six hours, Litecoin’s higher value was $220.02 and the lower value was $207.97.

Over the last twelve hours, Litecoin’s higher value was $220.02 and the lower value was $207.97.

In relation to Litecoin’s daily highs, it’s 6.844% down from its trailing 24-hour high of $223.25

Regarding Litecoin’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 579.418% up from its 52-week low and 15.446% down from its 52-week high.


Litecoin’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was 5.24%, 3.74%, and 4.70%, respectively.

Litecoin’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 5.82%, 7.93%, and 10.86%, respectively.

Last news about Litecoin

According to FX Empire on Friday, 12 March, “Bitcoin Cash SV (+0.04%), Chainlink (+0.81%), Ethereum (+1.75%), and Litecoin (+0.57%) saw relatively modest gains on the day.”, “Binance Coin (-1.04%), Cardano’s ADA (-0.18%), Litecoin (-0.02%), and Ripple’s XRP (-0.59%) also joined Bitcoin in the red.”

According to FX Empire on Monday, 15 March, “Bitcoin Cash SV slid by 8.90% to lead the way down, with Litecoin ending the day down by 5.30%.”, “ Coin jumped by 18.13% to lead the way, with Litecoin rallying by 12.20%.”

News about Bitcoin

Bitcoin intraday trading pattern emerges as institutions pile in. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 12 March, “China accounts for about 65% of global Bitcoin mining computing power, according to the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index compiled by Cambridge University. “, “Microstrategy Inc., of course, is the company led by Michael Saylor that’s converting its cash into Bitcoin and now holds more than $4 billion of it. “

Bitcoin hoard fuels one of the world’s biggest crypto fortunes. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 12 March, “The move has resulted in MicroStrategy becoming a dual-purpose company: part software maker, part Bitcoin investor. “, “He’s become something of a global Bitcoin ambassador in recent months, appearing regularly on crypto podcasts and YouTube shows advocating for digital-asset investments.”

Bitcoin snaps five-day rally after flirting with record high. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 12 March, “While some say that Bitcoin is a stimulus-fueled bubble likely to burst, industry participants argue that institutional adoption will prevent Bitcoin from plummeting from its highs as was witnessed in 2017-2018.”

According to Business Insider on Sunday, 14 March, “Canada’s Purpose Bitcoin ETF, the first to launch, had 913 million Canadian dollars ($731 million) under management on 11 March.”, “Guggenheim disclosed in an SEC filing that its Macro Opportunities Fund held the right to invest up to 10% of its net asset value in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.”

Bitcoin dips from record after scaling $61,000 aided by stimulus. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 15 March, “Crypto has seen “some good flow, with traders front running U.S. stimulus checks,” Chris Weston, head of research at Pepperstone Group Ltd., wrote in a note, adding Bitcoin needs to stay above the previous high of just over $58,000 to bolster confidence in a “new bull leg.”, “The fortunes of a range of companies are increasingly tied to the cryptocurrency, from listed Bitcoin miners and brokers to firms that have invested in the token.”

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