Popular Crypto Analyst Brings Into Notice 5 Altcoins to Vouch on!

Van de Poppe alerts his 40,200 about these 5 altcoins who have the potential to rise high with bitcoin prices surging high as well. 


 KAVA/USD is preparing for a bullish marathon. Decentralized finance sector kava has integrated major centralized finance institutions into DeFi. The project is yet to share another huge upgrade this March, to the Kava 5. 

KAVA/BTC price today is 0.000098. It has the potential to rise up to 350% from its current value. The analyst is eager for some more compression before it starts to break out and then somewhere in the region (0.00044) I’ll just be taking profits.

Swipe is expected to bounce back, the native asset of Swipe decentralized finance (DeFi) is undervalued and currently is at 0.00043. 

Wanchain has made significant news recently in its Defi scope. The launch of WanFarm, XRP integration, and a roll-out of the BTC/ETH bridge on the mainnet are a few to say. Wanchain/BTC price today is  0.001.

It’s trying to flip some bullish levels, which means that I’d prefer to see 0.000013 hold, which grants you continuation towards the next levels of resistance. But still, the overall concept is that this one is not in FOMO (fear of missing out). Nobody is discussing the project.

DIA/BTC price today stands at. 0.0000470. The analyst says that this pair is going through the “biggest accumulation period” and is optimistic about the coin.

We do get a retest of the low (0.000042) and that is just fine. We do see volume increasing, which means accumulation is going on. Once we break above 0.000065, this one is going to rock as well.”

LTC/BTC is up for a 266% hike and seems to be bullish at the current price of 0.0036.

Right now the analyst feels that it is still at a downtrend and he wants to see higher timeframe levels flip for support in order to become bullish. He expects to see the green zone (0.0038) flip for support and if sooner or later that happens you’re going to see a bullish continuation towards this next region of resistance (0.005). That could trigger such a big move towards these highs here (0.011).

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