Speeding, stop signs, school traffic discussed

The Jonesville TDA presents a check to the Arlington Fire Department for purchase of rescue equipment.

JONESVILLE — Public safety was the primary discussion during Monday night’s meeting of the Jonesville Town Council. Amanda Webster spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting regarding concerns of cars passing the traffic lined up to pick up students at Jonesville Elementary School. Webster said she had brought the issue to the Jonesville Police Department starting in January after she witnessed a vehicle passing the line of cars waiting to pick up students.

“It’s not a matter of if someone is going to get hit, it’s a matter of when,” Webster said.

Webster pointed out that Boonville, East Bend and Yadkinville Police Departments all assisted with traffic at their respective elementary schools and that Jonesville Police Department had done so in the past.

“I‘m not sure why it no longer is,” Webster said.

The matter was addressed later during the meeting and Jonesville Police Chief Dane Mastin said he would speak with the Jonesville Principal to discuss the matter in more detail and find solutions.

Also discussed during the meeting was speeding traffic on Pardue Street and the surrounding streets. A speed bump was installed at the request of area residents, but a recent petition has asked for removal of the speed bump. Suggestions have been made to add stop signs in the area.

Area resident Gary Phillips said the speed bump did slow drivers down but it was back to “green flag racing” as soon as they passed the speed bump. He added that driving over the speed bump could cause damage to vehicles. He suggested officers monitor the area for speeders.

Adrian Tatum and Jerry Brown both spoke about the safety concerns, particularly regarding children living on the street. The council did approve moving forward with adding several stop signs to slow traffic down in that neighborhood. The town public works department and police department will discuss placement of the stop signs.

A check for $5,000 was presented by the Jonesville Tourism Development Authority to the Arlington Fire Department for purchase of rescue equipment.

The council also approved the town manager to pursue a grant for a feasibility study to check the water pressure on the town’s water tanks. A project ordinance was approved to move forward with repair work from storm damage last year at sites including the Jonesville Greenway, and a waterline repair at Swaim Street and the Swan Creek Bypass. Funds from FEMA will be used for those projects.

The council extended its emergency paid sick leave policy for town staff who may contract COVID-19 through June 30. A policy regarding donations to the town, such as for memorial items at the park, was also adopted.

The next meeting of the Jonesville Town Council is slated for April 12 at 7 p.m.

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