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The launch comes in response to the growing demand for new investment products from cryptocurrency traders and an increase in the number of classical investors making entry onto the market

London, UK – (EMAILWIRE.COM) Gekkoin has launched a structured cryptocurrency deposit product to give European residents a tool for guaranteeing hedging the risks of cryptocurrency volatility. The launch comes in response to the growing demand for new investment products from cryptocurrency traders and an increase in the number of classical investors making entry onto the market.

Gekkoin’s structured deposits allow users to make money on both growing and falling cryptocurrency markets and generate interest higher than bank deposits with up to 100 per cent capital risk protection. Users can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero with full or partial capital loss protection.

The product offers a ready-made investment solution with easy entry and a range of strategy options for both professionals and users not familiar with cryptocurrencies. The co-operation with the blockchain development company Adventarium, the crypto broker AtlantEX and the fintech platform Papaya provides users with safe, easy, and effective financial instruments (both crypto and fiat).

Users of Gekkoin can choose one of three strategies with different risk levels. The dynamic strategy allows users to earn up to 50 per cent on increases in cryptocurrency prices. The safe strategy yields up to 4 per cent per annum under declining crypto market conditions, and up to 18 per cent in case of growth. Those looking for middle ground options can opt for a balanced strategy, which offers 20-25 per cent of the increase in cryptocurrency prices and 95-100 per cent protection against losses.

Such performance was made possible through the use of two-layer investment portfolios consisting of assets on traditional and crypto markets to provide stable incomes and compensate fluctuations in case of negative market trends.

In addition to the deposit system, Gekkoin offers a digital wallet tied to the Gekkard banking application – available for download in App Store and Google Play. The application allows clients to top up and withdraw funds from Gekkoin accounts at zero fees. Integration with the Gekkard app provides users with the possibility to use funds for making payments with a branded card worldwide.

Users who pass the registration and identification procedures in the application will receive access to additional features, including a full-fledged account in the EU with a European (Maltese) IBAN with the possibility of SEPA payments. The system also provides the ability to manage payment and card limits independently, and grants a Mastercard payment card linked to the user’s account if they have a residence permit in the EEA region.

“The current specifications of most derivatives products are too complicated for inexperienced users,” said a Gekkoin representative. “At Gekkoin, we strive to simplify the process to make crypto investment user-friendly and secure for both beginners and experienced traders. Our efforts have made instruments that were previously restricted to fiat available to investors in digital assets.”

Gekkoin expects that the demand for structured crypto products will continue to grow fuelled by the entry of big institutional companies such as Barclays Capital onto the market and the influx of new users trading digital assets. The company is looking to expand its presence in other regions, launch SWIFT payments and add more assets on the platform in the near future.


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